2018 Kia GT Price, Sedan, Concept

Very recently the 2018 Kia GT was caught rolling down the streets surreptitiously near the research and development facility of the automaker. It was unveiled to the public as a concept at the Frankfurt auto show about five years back. The car is set to be launched in 2017 but as a 2018 model.

Kia has aimed at pitching itself as a sporty Korean brand. However, to be considered a true blue sports sedan it needs to have a standard rear wheel drive which this car has. It is going to aim to compete with the BMW 3 series.

Another strong message being delivered by the manufacturer is that it is ready to move out of its comfort zone of making commuter cars and take the market head on by entering into other areas and introduce a car in the sports segment and challenge the existing car manufacturers.

2018 Kia GT front

2018 Kia GT – Exterior and Interior Design

The stunning exterior speaks volumes of the amount of effort that has been put in by the chief design officer.The conventional four-door unit which is a change from the concept where it had rearward – opening rear doors. It has a jaunty rear backlight with smaller LED headlamps which are a far cry from the units displayed in the concept show. It will come across as a longer and wider car than the BMW 4 Gran Coupe and in comparison to the Lexus GS, it seems to have a longer wheelbase. At the back, it has four oval exhaust pipes. As in the concept, the large side vent is kept but it is shown to have a bright chrome finish whereas in the concept show it had a matte look.

The interior of the 2018 Kia GT holds a sleek and sophisticated look. It aims at achieving a mix of things. It seems intimate yet it is expensive. The interior gives a cocoon-like an effect and it has spoken vents like they have in aircraft. The seats are covered with Nappa leather and the driver’s seat is super comfortable and has its own adjustable bolsters.

2018 Kia GT interior

2018 Kia GT – Engine performance

This 2018 Kia GT will mostly be offered in four and six cylinder variants with a 3.3-liter turbocharged V6 which would give you an estimated a 340 hp.

2018 Kia GT – Release Date, Competitors, and Price

As mentioned this car can come out in Spring 2017 but as a 2018 model. There are also chances that it might come out in 2019. It is a bit difficult to predict the price but it could be in the range of $35,000 – $43,000. This is if Kia uses its usual value formula.

2018 Kia GT rear

Kia is trying to compete with the Audi A4, BMW 3-series, Jaguar XE, and also Lexus IS of the world. The one thing that it can have an edge over is the pricing. It needs to match the coolness quotient of a sports sedan market but keep an attractive price so that it is appealing to the public.

Kia has always worked hard at keeping an attractive model at an affordable price so that the buyers feel that they are getting value for money. By doing this it is opening up a very large customer base.

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